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Stucco & Exterior Coating

Stucco is a type of coating made from a binder, water, and aggregates. It is applied when wet and turns into a dense solid. It is used in a variety of settings such as for decorative coatings for walls, ceilings, and exteriors of a building or home. While there are a variety of ways stucco is made modern stucco is made of Portland cement, water, and sand. At times Lime is added to increase its workability, and stability. Stucco advantages of other plasters are its ability to be weather-resistant, decorative, durable, and water proof.

Why Stucco:

1. Stucco is made of high durable mater that is beneficial for protecting and decorating walls, ceilings, and exteriors.
2. Stucco is waterproof.Stucco is very high in durability, impact and abrasion resistant.
3. Stucco is more fire resistance than any other exterior siding.
4. Stucco reduces exterior noise making your home quieter.
5. Stucco looks very luxurious and attractive with a variety of techniques, style, details and colors.

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